“When people play with fire i say STOP! your destined to get burned.they get burned ,i say OUUCH you kept playing with fire you got burned”
“How fucking stupid can someone be. Honestly The comments were fucking hilarious tho”

accualy some black men take care of there kids so dont put it on all black men.also it makes you sound races af! rly! 

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“Think less feel more,frown less smile more,talk less listen more,judge less accept more,watch less do more,complain less appericiate more,fear less love more”


Anonymous said: I've been talking with this guy like everyday (not in person cause its really awkward) and he always start the coversation. I never start the conversation and the worst thing is that he have a girlfriend and i dont know if i'm doing wrong cause i talk to him everyday and im starting to like him and no that can't be happening. So idk if im doing wrong if i should stop talking with him or idk i need your opinion please.


You’re gonna end up being the side chick ..
He has a girl lol

stop talking to him and your blog says vogue pussy so show more pussy plz not to be mean or nothing just a reference

boy london

boy london

luke bryant

i love this song 

like if you need a laugh rite now!

i would die for a range rover i want one so bad,also i would die for this g wagon